Job Seekers

Looking for a better firm?   The perfect job?   Your first contracting experience?

We are an experienced, rapidly-growing, and respected IT Staffing Firm that thrives on the satisfaction of creating the best fit between our Client Candidates and our Client Companies. We realize that there are countless options for you to seek employment in this age of outsourcing technical labor. The bottom line, though, is that you still need someone who cares about you, KNOWS your skills, personality, career desires and can convincingly SELL that info to the people who need you. It’s proven that the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line, from point A (you) to point B (the companies that needs the skills you possess)! 

We have YOUR best interests at heart, not ours! We’ll tell you if we think a position isn't right for your skill set, personality, and lifestyle. We’re not in the business of filling positions just for the sake of quick money. How can we do this? We have successfully created a multitude of mutually beneficial relationships between client companies and IT Professionals like yourself. They trust us - how do you think we've maintained respect in this industry long-term ? We know them from the inside out – their management styles, their quirks, and their strong points. We know if a candidate isn’t going to be a good fit in their environment. The management of EIS is uniquely blended to understand human capital management relating to the IT field from both ends of the hiring spectrum.

For those of you who aren't yet sure of the contracting option, we encourage you to talk with us. We’ll put you in touch with some of our current contractors and let them tell you first hand what they love about contracting for EIS and why they feel security in an ever changing business culture 

“I can’t thank you enough for how well you and your company have treated me over last several years. You are always available when I need you and you’ve went to bat for me on more than one occasion. I consider this the culmination of our collective efforts, so again thank you.”
— David - Project Manager