Exodus Integrity Services, Inc. (EIS) is a technical consulting and staffing company committed to building mutually beneficial relationships between our Client Companies and IT Professionals. Our suite of specialized services has consistently aided employers in the following industries:

Consumer Products & Services
Legal Services
Health Care IT Services

Banking & Financial Services

We know you want to attract and retain top talent in your company. You want and need to utilize a supplier, but you've been in situations before in which that decision proved unsuccessful and frustrating.  We also know that you need individuals with proven performance, those who can contribute to your company’s profitability and also adapt to your company’s culture. EIS is committed to really knowing you and your specific requirements, finding the top talent that you need, at the time you need it, and in the price range that fits your budget. Whatever the requirement, we assure you that the talent acquisition process is managed appropriately and flawlessly.


I didn’t know anything about EIS before. I’ve been impressed by your prowess and reasonable rates. You’ve done great work here. I’ve already let my co-worker know of the value EIS has added.
— Roger - IT Recruiting Manager