Client Testimonials

Candidate Testimonials

I’ve worked with EIS since December 2016. The interview and on-boarding processes were straight forward and well managed. They provide excellent customer service and work with you to ensure a smooth transition to your new position. They are very responsive to the needs of their employees and work hard to build a meaningful and sustainable relationship.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking a new opportunity.
— Brenda
I can’t thank you enough for how well you and your company have treated me over last several years. You are always available when I need you and you’ve went to bat for me on more than one occasion. I consider this the culmination of our collective efforts, so again thank you.
— David - Project Manager
My EIS experience has been a great one from the second they contacted me about my current job in the healthcare IT field. It has been one of the best staffing companies I have been with, my recruiter always keeps in contact with me to make sure everything is going well. EIS would be the first company I would recommend to anyone looking for an opportunity in the IT field.
— Gage
EIS has been an excellent partner. On several occasions we needed a key resource in a timely manner. In each of these cases EIS has been able to find quality consultants within days. This has allowed us to keep several projects on track and ultimately meet the needs of our clients. We will continue using EIS and fully expect our relationship to expand as we continue work to meet the needs of our customers.
— Tim - Managing Consultant for local technology consulting firm
I didn’t know anything about EIS before. I’ve been impressed by your prowess and reasonable rates. You’ve done great work here. I’ve already let my co-worker know of the value EIS has added.
— Roger - IT Recruiting Manager


Success Stories

Customer Web Portal

Development of the company Web Portal which allows clients to add, change, and maintain computer equipment warranties for all technology equipment. Allows clients to request support and inquire on all services, warranties, and contracts. EIS supplied resources for the project that included 5 developers for all APIs for front and back end functions, UI UX functionality and the Agile Scrum Master to complete this project from inception, execution and successful launch. 

EIS also developed the AZURE high availability environment to house all code for the portal in Development and Production stages. EIS also developed and implemented the ability to failover in separate AZURE regions to avoid any downtime for the site.   

Integrated Phone and Application Call Off System

Developed company Call-Off System which was design using multiple technology products.  – System allows employees to call in when they will not be coming into work that day. Cloud based phone system integrates with SharePoint. The system determines the routing of the call based on employee number and division. The system then accepts the options for the caller to indicate one or multi-day absences, bereavement, being late, holiday considerations, and routes to a designated line manager for scheduling and decision purposes. The system also initiates generating and emails to the proper management. System takes the phone call and triggers workflows to perform automatic updates to the KRONOS Time and Attendance system. System is provided in several divisions of the company to eliminate the paper and manual effort required for employees calling off sick

User Driven Design and Order Real Time 

Web portal allows user to upload complicated designs, color palettes, and be able to incorporate customer design logos, pictures, and drawings that can be etched on shirts, banners, emblems, window or wall clings, decals, vinyl products. The site is tailored to allow users/distributors to run their own business for any printed collateral. EIS developed the system to understand web requests for any type of order – new, old, inquiry, change, and direct the order through the proper process to initiate, gather data, and respond to the request in the most efficient manner. The ORDER Director initiated new orders to be entered, updates ERP System (GREAT PLAINS) with inventory, shipping, and start product production if needed. This was a system that started and completed orders instantly through the web portal with complete end to end services from the web portal.

Customer Web Portal for Contract and Asset Coverage – Downloadable APP

Developed Mobile application to add, delete maintain, and modify all aspects of a client insurance policy.  Application developed for all mobile devices (Apple, Android). Made available on the Playstore and Apple store through download. The Application allows entry for multiple functions on the mobile app including verification of covered assets, updating policy information, adding or deleting assets covered in real time.

New Business start up

New Business – performed all set up and implementation of all business technology to start a new business. Purchased and Implemented Hardware, Servers, Computers, Software Applications, Email, and CRM Products. Implemented Microsoft products in a Hybrid environment with complete integration for all Microsoft and 3rd party products. Developed E-Commerce fully integrated Website with SHOPIFY that is used as the primary access and order taking tool for the company.